Grama Sintética Esportiva

  • Spinegrass PRO

    Spinegrass PRO

    Spinegrass Pro was developed exclusively to meet the FIFA standard for synthetic turf used by top athletes in professional football.It is produced with polyethylene monofilament fiber with two central spines, and provides ball-rolling speed, angle and...

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  • Spinegrass


    The main feature of the monofilament fiber of Spinegrass synthetic turf is the spine in the central part and on either side. This spine makes it more resistant and keeps it standing more effectively even in severe gameplay conditions.The artificial tu...

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  • Ecograss


    Ecograss is a synthetic turf made of fibrillated hybrid fiber and its major feature is to acquire the appearance of monofilament after brushing. Pitches covered with this turf provide excellent gameplay performance through both the resourcefulness of the ...

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