Sportlink has been working in the sporting infrastructure sector for 20 years. Initially, the grass was imported from the best manufacturers worldwide and resold directly to end customers. This period was very important for the company to understand the customer's real needs.
With the know-how acquired in Europe and the USA and an understanding of what the best synthetic turf are, Sportlink set up own factory. Since 2004, it manufactures synthetic turf - a high quality product, diversified to meet the demand of customers in the sporting /recreational and decoration sector in Brazil and abroad - and provides consultation for distributors and end customers in order to advise on the products most suitable for each purpose.

Sportlink emerged with the aim of exploring an universe of possibilities and lives with the purpose of transforming every need in victorious experiences from an innovative way, as in the world of sports as in design projects.


The user satisfaction is what move us and keeps us engaged to deliver best in synthetic turf. The quality of our products is aligned with the quality of the world’s best products, because the same emotion that moves us is the emotion we want to deliver for anyone who runs on ourturf. The emotion of victory.