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Política da Qualidade

Através de nossos colaboradores e de um sistema de gestão da qualidade baseada na NBR ISO 9001, a empresa SPORTLINK, fabricante de gramados sintéticos esportivos, recreativos e decorativos, está comprometida em:

  • Prover produtos e serviços visando a satisfazer os requisitos aplicados aos materiais oferecidos;
  • Consolidar a Marca no Mercado Nacional e Internacional;
  • Obter crescimento da empresa através de um trabalho de melhoria contínua.

The use of synthetic turf in professional pitches is constantly growing. To ensure the quality of the games on this type of surface, FIFA developed a method of certification for soccer fields with synthetic grass called “FIFA QUALITY CONCEPT”, which began in 2001.

Testes – abrasividade, resistência, velocidade de rolagem da bola, ângulo e altura do quique – feitos tanto em gramado natural quanto sintético são usados como parâmetro para a definição da qualidade dos campos de grama sintética.

Test results show that technical and tactical aspects of the game are minimally changed between one surface and another, which is irrelevant to the final score.

Sportlink is the first synthetic turf manufacturer in Latin America to obtain this recommendation, thanks to a technical qualification process of the production plant and improved products as well as the optimization of installation processes.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001

Sportlink is the only Latin American manufacturer of synthetic turf certified by SGS United Kingdom Ltd – Systems & Services Certification – since 2008 and recertified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Certification.

The ISO 9001 certification is a regulation that ensures requirements for quality management processes and allows the company to check the quality of their products.

After winning the certification every three years companies are subject to audits to ensure and assure the quality management processes and keep the ISO 9001 seal up-to-date.

The certification reflects the concern for continuous improvement and provides for full ex execution of the quality management system, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all processes that are part of the production routine.


Sportlink is affiliated with the Brazilian Association of Sports Industry - ABRIESP - A non-profit organization, which brings together, promotes and represents the sports industry throughout the country since 2005.

In the area of factories, ABRIESP aims to establish and regulate standards of safety and quality in the manufacture, supply and provision of infrastructure-related services in order to improve the performance of athletes and the general public.