The company keeps itself involved in innovation and continuous improvement to deliver high-performance products and excellence in an increasingly demanding market.

All production of synthetic turf is made in our own industrial park of 3000 m2 where the total area is 55,000 m2, located in the greater metropolitan region of São Paulo - Brazil.

The industrial park, considered one of the most modern in the world, is equipped with European and North American machines of the latest generation, which produce the most diverse patterns of synthetic lawns, designed to provide high-performance experience to users in the most severe weather conditions and number of games.

Sportlink works in the production of synthetic turf for Professional Football, Society Football, American Football, Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball as well as special turf for decoration, landscaping and recreational spaces.


With its own laboratory facility, Development, Research and Technology sector, Sportlink along with the leading manufacturers of raw materials in the world, transforms the needs of different sports into real products of high performance.

In this space, equipped with various equipment for resistance testing, durability, fixing and others, Sportlink improves its production methods and justifies its leadership in the Latin American market.

The result is the delivery of products with increasingly high quality, which is in line with the brand positioning. Thus, it is possible to meet all types of demands, providing above average experiences in the playing of sports on synthetic turf.


Sportlink selects the best suppliers of raw materials and inputs in the world and uses not only quality but also the similarity of values as a basis to build upon, especially when it comes to caring for the environment.

Among the suppliers are Bonar Yarns, Maccaferri, SMG Brazil, UTEP and Evercol.

Bonar Iarns

Bonar Yarns is a world leader in the manufacture of yarns for the production of synthetic turf, with over 50 years of experience and synonymous with innovation and quality.

Thanks to this partnership, it was possible to meet the highest standards of FIFA for making synthetic turf intended for professional use. Thus, Sportlink won the status of the first Latin American manufacturer of synthetic turf licensed by FIFA.


Maccaferri works in the development of advanced solutions for the markets of civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering. It is a manufacturer of MacDrain® SF turf reinforcement mats, composites for geo-synthetic drainage specially developed for installation in sports fields.

With 130 years of history, Maccaferri is a global company with over 70 subsidiaries, operating across 5 continents and has a local presence in more than 100 countries.. For Maccaferri, Brazil is a benchmark country in Latin America. There are 8 units strategically distributed throughout the country, able to provide specific solutions for each client.


SMG is a German company, for over 40 years, the world leader in developing and manufacturing machines for installation and maintenance of synthetic sports surfaces, especially synthetic grass.

Aware of the importance of the Brazilian market, recently, SMG opened its branch in the country – , which manufactures machinery and tools used in the installation and maintenance of synthetic lawns. Among them, machines for insertion of sand and rubber with exact measurements and adjustment of the filling layers, with savings of up to 85% on labor costs.


Evercol has been on the market since 1992 as a major supplier of industrial adhesives, sealants and tapes for various areas. The company has distinguished itself in the national and international market.

With access to advanced technologies and vast know-how Evercol has committed to providing high quality services to its customers, which meet the most demanding needs, ensuring quality and adding value to the final product.


Since 2002, UTEP has worked in the collection, shredding, recycling and proper disposal of rubber waste and tires. The company is able to meet measurements for preparation of collection management plan, storing, allocating scrap tires for the publishing and delivery to the organizations of the National Environmental System – SISNAMA.

UTEP is approved by the appropriate bodies, such as CETESB (Body of the State Environmental Agency) and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) for disposal of municipal solid waste in accordance with CONAMA Resolution 416/09 and ISO 14000, certifying customers as required.