There are two places where Sportlink always tries to be: ahead, with its pioneering profile; and above, setting higher limits for the market so that it can fulfill its promise to offer high-performance products.


Evolution was born of mixing fibrillated fiber with monofilament fiber on the same turf. The characteristics of monofilament fiber are the quality and strength of the material. Hybrid fibrillated fiber, also resistant, incorporates the function of retaining the rubber inside the lawn.

The result is a turf with longer life and excellent performance, as well as an appearance closer to that of natural grass. The cover is dense and firm, due to the fibrillated fiber, when released; they fill the spaces between the monofilament fibers and help to structure the system while maintaining the monofilament fiber upright.


The exclusive Triple Backing system, developed by Sportlink, consists in a method of making a synthetic grass that has three layers, each with a distinct function.

1) The first layer, a flat screen polypropylene, has an adequate density to support the insertion of the synthetic fibers.

2) The second, called Action Bac, consists of a web of thick polypropylene yarn whose purpose is to generate structuringlawn and compatibility with the installation.

3) The third layer is composed of improved Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) which has the main function to hold and retain all fibers in the system, besides that it also ensures dimensional stability and gives the product immunity to many environment variations including humidity and high temperature.