Difference Between Decorative and Sports Grass

Grass is an essential part of landscaping and landscape architecture, and there are different types of lawns to suit different purposes and aesthetic styles. Two common categories of grass are decorative grass and sports grass.

Although both are lawns, they have distinct characteristics that make them suitable for different uses. Let's explore the main differences between these two types of lawn:

  1. Purpose of Use:
    • Decorative Grass: Decorative grass is designed primarily for aesthetic purposes. It is used in residential gardens, parks, leisure areas and public spaces where the main objective is to improve the appearance of the place. It is generally cut to a shorter height to create a lush, well-manicured lawn.
    • Sports Grass: Sports grass is specifically grown to be tough and durable, making it ideal for sports fields. It is used on soccer fields, golf courses, tennis courts and other places where the grass needs to withstand intense physical activity. It is generally cut at a higher height and is denser than decorative grass.
  2. Cutting Height:
    • Decorative Grass: The cutting height of decorative grass is generally lower, which provides a tidier, more formal appearance.
    • Sports Grass: Sports grass is often cut at a higher height, which makes it more resistant to the wear and tear caused by sporting activities, as well as helping to better absorb impact and reduce the risk of sports injuries.
  3. Durability Features:
    • Decorative Grass: Decorative grass is not designed to withstand heavy traffic or sporting activities. It can get damaged easily if used for rough games and sports.
    • Sports Grass: Sports grass is grown to withstand heavy, repetitive use. It is more resistant to trampling, tearing and wear, making it the ideal choice for sports fields.
  4. Maintenance:
    • Decorative Grass: Maintaining decorative grass only involves constant basic cleaning such as sweeping the grass, cleaning up pet waste with soap and water whenever it occurs, etc.
    • Sports Grass: The maintenance of sports grass already requires more care, such as replacing the rubber and sand to keep the grass always well laid, in addition to other basic cleaning maintenance. However, in both cases the maintenance is infinitely LESS and LESS COSTLY than on natural lawns, where constant pruning, lawn fertilization, watering, climate care and the like are necessary.

In summary, the difference between decorative grass and sports grass mainly lies in the purpose of use, cutting height, durability and maintenance requirements.

The choice between the two types will depend on the specific needs of the location and the activities that will be carried out there. Both have their place in incredible projects and can contribute to beautiful and functional environments!

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Difference Between Decorative and Sports Grass
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