Specialist and pioneer in the manufacture of sports lawns, Sports link presents to the world market the DULLGRASS, synthetic grass for professional football e society.

This is another launch in synthetic grass that features cutting-edge technology to offer better performance, comfort and greater safety for athletes.

DULLGRASS, a new artificial grass concept from Sportlink

As a company passionate about sport and that maintains its focus on developing products with the highest technology, Sports link created the Dullgrass. Thus, we bring athletes and entrepreneurs a new concept of lawn, promoting high-performance sports.

To meet the new demands of the global market, Sports link allied himself with Mattex Yarns, world leader in the high performance yarn sector. Based on the expertise of both companies, the Dullgrass lawn was made from a special type of plastic.

Furthermore, it is composed of special additives used in the manufacture of weaving yarn. This composition allows the reduction of fiber levels over years of use.

For this reason, the lawn always remains comfortable, soft, flexible and anatomical. Undeniably, the product is capable of revolutionizing the market, as the plastic used is 310 microns thick and has a rating of 13.000 Dtex.

At the same time, the monofilament is made with a unique cabling system. In other words, with this system the threads are not twisted, providing a linearity effect on the fibers.

Why is using synthetic grass more advantageous?

Besides being environmentally friendly e reduce the risk of injury to athletes Due to the comfort it provides, synthetic grass has advantages such as:

  • Significant savings in the use of water for irrigation of artificial fields;
  • Synthetic grass eliminates the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers, one of the main causes of water pollution;
  • The cost of installing and maintaining a synthetic grass field over a period of 20 years (including grass replacement) is much cheaper compared to the cost of natural grass;
  • Synthetic lawn can be used for around 3.000 hours per year without the need for “rest”.

Another benefit for the comfort of athletes is the reduction in the temperature of the pitch on hot days. The decrease in temperature occurs through the installation of the CoolSystem, which maintains a stabilized and pleasant temperature, regardless of the external climate.

These are just some of the advantages offered by synthetic grass for professional football e society from Sportlink. To find out more, go to contact us!

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