Arena Turf: what new does it bring to your field?

Sportlink continues to revolutionize the synthetic grass market, always bringing cutting-edge products to its customers.

Today, we are pleased to present Arena Turf, a grass that combines Mono 9.000 and Fibrillated 8.800 yarns in a 5/8″ scale. This new solution is perfect for large stadiums and football pitches that want to offer maximum performance, cutting-edge technology and quality. Furthermore, Arena Turf has undergone rigorous testing carried out by the renowned Technological Research Institute (IPT), guaranteeing its superior quality in terms of yarn, turf permeability and ball rolling.

High quality and performance: Arena Turf's 50mm height provides an ideal playing surface for players of all levels. This synthetic grass offers strength, durability and an aesthetically appealing appearance. Mono yarns guarantee greater resistance to wear, while Fibrillated yarns provide a soft feel to the touch. This combination offers a perfect balance between performance and comfort, allowing players to have an exceptional experience on the field.

Tested and approved: The quality of Arena Turf grass was tested and proven by the Institute of Technological Research (IPT). The tests carried out included evaluating the quality of the yarn, permeability of the pitch and ball rolling. The results were impressive, demonstrating Arena Turf's excellence in every aspect. Players will enjoy a consistent playing surface that offers realistic ball response and minimizes the risk of injury.

Aesthetics and customization: Arena Turf is available in two colors: SportsGreen and LimeGreen. This variety allows you to customize your course according to the preferences of the club or institution. Additionally, the vibrant colors provide an attractive and professional look, creating an immersive environment for players and spectators.

With Arena Turf, Sportlink once again demonstrates its commitment to providing exceptional quality products and innovative solutions to the synthetic grass market.

If you are looking for a synthetic grass with high performance, durability and customizable aesthetics, Arena Turf is the ideal choice for large stadiums and football fields. Trust Sportlink to deliver the best in quality and innovation, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for everyone involved.

Contact us today and find out how Arena Turf can take your game to the next level.

Arena Turf: what new does it bring to your field?
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